HIIT Workout

High-Intensity Interval Training: Benefits of the Workout Regimen

Do you ever compare the body build of sprinters like Usain Bolt to that of long distance runners like Mo Farah? Though they are both into the same form of athletics albeit of varying distances, while Bolt is sculpted with shredded quadriceps and chiselled arms, Farah just looks like the regular skinny guy. Granted, both runners are fit in their own way but Bolt's physique stands out of the two. So what is the difference in the work out regimen? Intensity

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Foam Roller

Benefits of Massage, Foam Rollers and Stretching

How do you feel after a workout session? Good? Exhausted? Sore? Invigorated? Round up a bunch of workout junkies after their workout sessions and their answers will vary depending mainly on the intensity and duration of their workouts. However, regardless of time and intensity, every exercise regimen is bound to leave people with sore and aching muscles. The post-workout regimen is as important as the main work out itself and it is essential that you do not overlook any part of the activity. On that note, two of the most important post workout activity everyone should definitely engage in at is stretching and massage foam rolling.

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